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Orc Updates, and a Flash game

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 at 1:52 am under Flash, Orc with tags: , ,

The Orc site has some new content (in particular there’s now a list of several cave and swamp creatures on the bestiary page), with more coming — hopefully the wait will not be as long as it was for this batch.

Also, I finally dipped my toe into the Flash development ocean. The first result has been The Unfortunate Necromancer, a silly little game based loosely on the fly-swatting mini-game from, of all things, MarioPaint. As part of the experiment of working with Flash, I’m sharing all the advertising statistics from the game. I wouldn’t recommend using these as any sort of performance baseline (the game is too minimal to be of much interest for more than it’s initial “What’s New” traffic, which has already come and gone), but they might be an entertaining peek at the MochiAds and MochiBot reports for anyone interested in them.

Some new pages on the site

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 at 3:02 pm under Orc, Patterns of Light with tags: , ,

Recently I mentioned Orc, and posted a short overview of the game — as a follow up to that post there’s a new section of the site devoted to Orc, which still has only the first bits of content and information available, but will serve as a repository for more Orc-related bits and pieces as I have a chance to gather them together for presentation.

There’s also a second new area devoted to a much smaller game, called Patterns of Light. Patterns of Light is quite experimental, and I don’t doubt for a moment it will be a catastrophic commercial failure! But, it serves as a useful test case for the XBox Community Games process, and has been a diversion from the considerably more sprawling development of other projects, like Orc.

For those who might interested, a new article in the fledgling “Games as Art” series of opinion pieces is on it’s way and barring any major course corrections is likely to begin a discussion of the need to treat technological elements of games as a part of their overall artistic merit.

Orc: Overview

Posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 at 8:40 pm under Orc with tags: , ,

I’ve taken the recent launch of Microsoft’s XBox Live Community Games as a signal that I should buckle down a bit and focus on a single project to take from concept to completion. I won’t say I’ve stopped fiddling with other projects and experiments (since, obviously, building a Knytt level is not a key step in completing a game for the XBox360…), but I have bent most of my major development efforts towards one relatively straightforward project lately. The project I’ve been working on was in close competition with a second one for a while, but ultimately won out simply because the level design requirements are much less finicky; the second project is still next on my list, and I plan to post about it here soon as part of this series of updates I promised.

Today, though, I want to offer an overview of Orc. To make things more interesting for you, and to express something about the spirit of the game, I will provide the information from the point of view of both a run-of-the-mill human being, and a mighty battle-hardened orc:

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